Umaid Lake Palace – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Umaid lake palace is an amazing resort which is known for its alluring architecture that is established at countryside of Rajasthan. Garden of the resort is styled according to Mughals that was famous earlier for royal hunting.

Umaid lake palace is spread over twenty acres and also known for its organic retreat. It was established in the year of 1970 and situated near Kalakho lake and stunning Aravali range. This place was built by Thakur Umaid Singh Rathore. There are many places nearby to this resort such as Chand Baori and bhangarh. But this place is too far from the crowded place where people will get peaceful environment. People from jaipur can reach there within 90 minutes almost. This place is only 5 hours away from Delhi NCR so that people can plan their weekend easily as they can enjoy long drive too.

Priorly this place was known for hunting lodge but now it turned in a luxurious place named Umaid lake palace that is approx 72 kms away from Jaipur. The palace is designed traditionally that is situated near to Kalakho lake. Mughal style garden is a beauty that attract attention of people. They have traditionally designed accommodation and decent dining area.

The atmosphere of the place is pleasant and peaceful as it is far away from the hectic city life. They provide best services to their visitors. Rooms of palace is designed traditionally with handicraft things. They provide modern amenities to people that give comfortable stay to their visitors. This aids to provide satisfaction to them. The view of the palace capture the attention of numerous people.

The palace is known for its organic retreat and the food that prepared for people are totally organic. Ingredients sourced from their dairy and farm. Taste of the food is too good and they serve many types of it like continental, classic Indian and they can also order Rajasthani food too. They have all type of food. Along with this, they are responsible for the tourists. They have eco-friendly things like in house dairy, organic farming, solar energy, rainwater harvesting and many more. This all help to attract tourists towards them.

Umaid lake palace is famous for its royalty and luxurious amenities. This is designed by its owner personally and they used handicraft designed to decorate it. This palace provide comfort stay to their visitors. People will find peace and relax here as it is far from the city. This palace is having a separate living area. It has all modern amenities like air conditioning, television, WiFi and many more. People will enjoy breakfast, lunch, drink and dinner at this place.

The resort is famous for its organic farm and dairy. People can enjoy delicious food that is made from fresh ingredients. Chef select each ingredient by themselves to make dishes more delicious. They serve breakfast to their customers in the dining area. It includes south and North Indian food like idli sambar, poha, eggs, chole bhature, tea, juice, coffee, fruits and so on. People can enjoy all of them I’m the morning between 7.30 am to 10 am.

Apart from this, people can also enjoy the dinner there with their delightful dishes. That consists so many dishes such as butter chicken, kadai paneer, pasta, dal makhni, pulao, salads, raita and desserts. They can enjoy it from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm. This is served to visitors in the first floor. They give complimentary beer to one adult in the evening that can also be swap by them with non alcoholic drink such as juice, lemonade, buttermilk and lassi. They provide some discount to people on their stay when they take dinner and buy some soft drink during the stay.

People will see the rural village life of Rajasthan with village cycling tour. It took almost 45 mins and this they can enjoy by visitors by having a cup of tea with villagers. People can take Break from their busy life and enjoy there. Guide of hotel will help tourists to explore the place either during morning and evening. They guide people to tie Rajasthani turban per stay.

The package also consist organic farm and dairy tour. It took almost thirty minutes in which they can learn how to pic veggies from the farm. People can enjoy Arti ceremony in the temple that is established in the palace. It provide better experience to people. Apart from this, there are many place near to the palace that can be enjoy by people such as Chand baori that is approx 20 kms away from the resort.

Another place that can be visit by the visitors is bhangarh. It is almost 43 kms away from the resort.  There are many myth in the place and people can see pre historic ruins over there such as palaces, forts, temples and more. Sariska tiger reserve can also be visit by the people. It is almost an hour away from the palace.  People can see many wild animals over there such as tigers, leopards, nilgai, antelopes and more.

There are many exciting activities that offer by the resorts include camel safaris, jeep safaris with lazy sundowners, cricket matches with the villagers and more.

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