New Motor Vehicle Act Implemented in Rajasthan: Know all about traffic offences and fines

After about 10 months when the new motor vehicle act of the central government came into force across the country, the state government has implemented the provisions of the revised Motor Vehicle Act in the state. On Wednesday evening the Transport Department of Rajasthan Government has issued a notification regarding this.

Under heavy overload rules, a provision of up to 40 thousand rupees has been made by the state government. However, for the infringement of general rules like not stopping the red light, etc., the fine is still kept at Rs 100.

After the amendment in the Motor Vehicles Act-2019 by the Transport Department, the penalty for driving offenses of less serious nature has been kept at Rs 100 only. These include general category offenses like jumping off red lights, disregarding road signs, breaking parking rules, unauthorized sirens or lights, no wiper, black film.

Check this List:

Via – Bhaskar

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