Rajasthan Revised Covid Guidelines: Night Curfew Imposed in all cities of Rajasthan For 15 days, Check the Full details

In wake of the 2nd wave of COVID-19, the government of Rajasthan has revised the guidelines. To stop the spread of the coronavirus the time of night curfew has been changed from 6pm to 5 pm. it is mandatory to closed the market by 5 pm. Revised guidelines will cover entire Rajasthan including rural and urban areas. It will be effective from 16th April.

  • The revised guidelines are mentioned below:
    • The time of night curfew will be from 6pm to 5 am.
    • Government workplaces will be shut down at 4pm.
    • 10th and 12th board exams have been shifted in Rajasthan.
    • Only 20 individuals will be permitted to attend the funeral.
    • Home delivery and take away allowed till 8pm.
    • Clubs and Restaurants will open with half capacity only.
    • 50% capacity will be permitted in public transportation.
    • It is mandatory to close the market till 5pm.
    • Library, coaching and educational institute will be shut down till further notice.
    • Theaters, swimming pools, amusement parks and gyms will remain closed.
    • It is allowed to provide in house services in hotels.
    • Only 50 people are allowed to attend the functions or ceremonies including marriage.
    • All political, educational, sports, cultural, social, processions, religious ceremonies, entertainment will not be permitted.
    • Randomly RTPCR check of passengers coming from outside will be done.
    • If the report is not provided then it will be quarantine for fifteen days.
    • Passengers who are coming from outside in the state will have to provide the RTPCR report done within 72 hours before the journey.
    • Only 50% staff members are allowed to come to office premises with a capacity of more than hundred individuals. Remaining people are allowed to do work from home. Emergency services are exempted from this rule.





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