Hops n Taters Restaurant: The Perfect Hangout Place

Hops n Taters, a multi-cuisine restaurant & bar is located in Lalkothi, Jaipur. The place has a very graceful ambience and also has an extended construction with both indoor and outside seating areas.The restaurant is uniquely designed to enjoy amazing beers and wines with different cuisines.They have a lot of variety in food, be it Indian, Asian or Italian.

The restaurant serves several mouth-watering dishes from starters to main-course including Tomato Basil soup, Dahi ke Kebabs,Pizza to Risotto and many such other wonderful dishes.

Hops n Taters has also been hosting fascinating events like Artists Galore, Movie Screenings, Book Launches, Beer Competitions etc which have been very successful in the past one and a half years right from their opening. These kinds of events also bring a chance to taste their exotic dishes and enjoy the exquisite vibe.

The restaurant also makes sure to cater to all ages and all types of customers in terms of entertainment and food options. For every customer the restaurant offers something that directly hits their taste-buds and leaves behind the satisfaction and memoir of having that very dish which brings happiness within. They offer outdoor catering services for all occasions too! The staff is experienced and kind and provides all possible support and experience which pushes us back to visit this restaurant now and then.

Hops n Taters is not just a restaurant to enjoy delicious food but it’s also a cozy upbeat jaunt where they make sure to give you an unforgettable experience with the best of food curated to match the tastes of fellow Jaipurites set in an atmosphere where one can just chill for hours, drink to your hearts content with the amazing live music weekends to spend some fascinating moments with your friends and family. They also offer awesome options for theme parties with varied seating areas to match different occasions.


Rahul Dwivedi

Rahul Dwivedi

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